Water Damage Repair Specialists

Living in the Pacific Northwest has its many advantages. Our lush green forests, the Pacific Ocean at our doorstep and of course what we are known for… the rain! While rain is an accepted part of life here in Seattle, its not always welcomed. This is especially true inside your home.

While water damage is bad news for your carpet it doesn’t mean that all is lost. Seattle Carpet Repair and Cleaning has specially trained technicians that can fix this problem at a moments notice.

Our goal when we arrive to your property is to remove all the water as soon as possible. We accomplish this by using a truck mounted high-powered water extraction system to quickly remove the moisture from your carpeting.

We then use high-powered fans to assist in the drying of your damp carpet. Once these two steps are completed we will power stretch you carpet to eliminate any ripples or creases that was created by the water damage.

Water loosens the adhesive on wall-to-wall carpeting and will ruin your carpet padding if your water damage isn’t fix immediately.

Dealing with a waterlogged carpet isn’t anyone’s idea of fun but there are a few tips that you can follow if you find yourself in this unfortunate position:

  1. Call Seattle Carpet Repair and Cleaning immediately
  2. Locate the source of the water
  3. Shut off source of water
  4. Remove furniture from flooded are
  5. Shut off your electricity until the danger has been mitigated.

When you call Seattle Carpet Repair and Cleaning you can breathe easy knowing our technicians are prompt, professional and knowledgeable. They will repair your carpet and bring it back to as close to factory spec as possible.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are happy with our work. We will not rest until you are happy with our services!