Seam Repair

Wall to wall carpeting in your home is great. It provides comfort and savings for your pocketbook at the same time!! Did you know that carpet is a natural insulator? This can help provide extra warmth during the cold season.

Wall-to-Wall carpeting actually increases the R-value or insulation level of the carpeted area. This can save you utility costs while also reducing energy use.

As you can see wall-to-wall carpet does have many significant advantages but must be properly maintained to maximize the benefits. When not properly maintained seams tend to get worn out and start to come apart. They wear faster when they are aged and exposed to prolonged periods of high heat.

How Are Carpet Seams Repaired?

As with all carpet repair jobs it depends on what type of damage your carpet has. Your carpet might only need to have the seams fused together again.

  • When we do that all we have to do is apply a latex-bonding agent to the seams to create a long lasting durable bond between the seams. This is a relatively easy fix.
  • If you have an older carpet that has extensive seam damage, we most likely will have to remove the damaged seam and install and attach a new piece of carpet.

This will extend the life of your carpet and is more affordable than replacing your carpet!! Don’t replace it! Repair It!!

Our ultimate goal here at Seattle Carpet Repair and Cleaning is to save you as much money as possible! Why waste money on replacing your carpet when you don’t have to?