Pet Damage

Do you have a pet that urinates, chews and tears up your carpet on a regular basis? If you do you are not alone. These are typically issues that Seattle Carpet Repair and Cleaning handle on a regular basis.

Pets love to dig, scratch, claw and chew just about anything including carpet. This comes with the territory when owning pets. While you may have to tolerate minor property damage caused by your pets it doesn’t mean you have to look at it every day with dread and despair.

Seattle Carpet Repair and Cleaning can make your problems disappear with a simple phone call! Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) trained associates are the best in the business. The IICRC creates the high standards that everyone should follow. Our guys follow their standards to a tee. On the other hand, can you say the same about our competitors?


After you make a call to us you can sit back and relax. Our carpet repair technicians will come to your house and assess the situation. Based on what they find they will apply the following solution to your problem.

If your carpet is severely damaged our technicians will apply what we like to call a “permanent solution” to your damaged carpet.

What we do is we remove the damaged section of carpet by cutting it out and replacing it with a new piece of undamaged carpet.

We normally get the new section of carpet from an unused portion of your carpet. This typically is found in your closet or other inconspicuous areas.

If you don’t have a section of carpet that is readily available you don’t have to worry. Our carpet repair technicians keep a steady supply of common weight and thickness carpeting for situations like these.

Seattle Carpet Repair and Cleaning is your premier full service carpet care provider in the Seattle area. One call to us will make all of your carpet problems disappear!